Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kid Updates

It has been a little while since I wrote about each child.  I like doing this because sometimes life is so crazy with three little ones that I feel like I don't get to sit down and just enjoy learning about each child's likes/dislikes etc.  For this reason, when i'm alone with a child in the car, I always ask them 1,001 questions about their favorite things.

Cole is such a sweet and active little man.  One minute he is sitting down putting together 100 piece puzzles and the next he is running circles around the center part of the house while yelling "catch me if you can!".  Cole enjoys imaginative play and is constantly pretending to be a race car (he always has to be the fastest or the first to do things).  Cole can run, bike, play on the playground and still have more energy at the end of the day then I have first thing in the morning.  I swear her wakes up in the morning and within an hour he is running around the house.  He is very interested in math and measurements. His newest and greatest love is Angry Birds with his Daddy introduced him to and is now stuck doing every other night.  Cole can be a cuddle bug and recently told me that I am allowed to give him "many smooches" at home but at school I am only allowed to give him one smooch.  When Cole and Mommy are in the car alone he always wants to play "The story game" which consists of us taking turns adding to a story.  When it is Cole's turn he always turns things to someone picking up sticks and then some monster/dragon/dino etc. attacking the person.  The cutest part is that he always ends the story with the little boy running home to snuggle with his Mommy.  Following is one of my favorite Cole quotes from the past month:

Gwen: "It's my turn to pick the show today. I pick Oso!"
Cole: <start of meltdown> "But I don't like Oso and Oso is not good for our brains. We need to watch things that are good for our brains like Team Umizoomi"

Here's another one:

"Mommy, I want to marry you"

And another good one from our grocery shopping trip: "Mommy, what are you going to buy me because you love me?"  (The previous week Gwen came home from shopping and said, "Daddy bought me raspberries because he loves me and they weren't even on sale!")

Gwen is quite a girly girl princess these days.  She also enjoys crafting and will sit for hours working on her original creations.  Yesterday she told me that she wanted to do a craft with her brothers and that they were going to make alligators out of clothespins.  First she had them paint the clothespins green and then they decorated them with markers before they added the perfect sized googly eyes.  She is a huge help around the house and does everything from lying out Cole's clothing so that he can dress himself to holding Reid's hands so that I can change his diaper.  I swear she says "Mommy" at least 1,000 times a day but I really can't get tired of it because she talks in such a sweet voice.  I can tell that she thinks through situations and recently had discovered how to push one of Cole's buttons.  Since Cole likes playing with her, if she says that she wants to be alone and doens't want to play with Cole, the poor guy freaks out.  Following is one of my favorite Gwen quotes from the past month:

Gwen: "No, Cole, Meg is Mommy's middle name!"
Me: "What's my first name?"
Gwen: " Your first name is Mommy. Mommy Meg Stamps"

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