Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

After opening presents and enjoying some fun at home on Christmas Morning, we headed to Reading to Melanie and Mike's house to celebrate with our family.

 "You tryin' to take a pic of me?  I think you need a close up!"

 Gwen enjoyed playing with Aunt Erienne's phone.

 Cole hanging with his favorite buddy

 Family pic!
After dinner, Mike dressed up as Santa.  Gwen and Cole were so excited and didn't suspect a thing!
 When we asked Reid:  "Where's Granny?", he pointed right to her.  They played flashcards together.

Christmas Morning 2012

 This is what the present situation looked like (technically on Christmas Eve).  Andy looked at it and said:  "Man, my parents must have gone all out because this looks like nothing compared to what we used to get!".  My thoughts are that they don't need much at this age and I don't want them to begin to expect that Santa will bring them a lot of expensive toys.
 Reid falls in love with his 3rd Dog Dog
 Reid quickly learns the fun of unwrapping Christmas gifts
 Gwen and her many princesses
 Cole is thrilled with his airplane that changes into a dinosaur.

 Reid is introduced to his new broom/dustpan/dustbuster set.  This kid LOVES to clean.  He really is is Pap Pap's kid!

Christmas Eve 2012

For days leading up to Christmas Gwen and Cole asked us:  "Is Santa coming tomorrow?"  "Is Santa coming the day after tomorrow?".  So...on Christmas Eve we were thrilled to be able to tell them that Santa was officially coming that night and that when they woke up in the morning they would have some fun new presents to open.

 All dressed in Christmas PJ's.  Maybe they'll get some sleep...
 Cole and Gwen showing off the snack they left for Santa and his reindeer.

Gwen wanted "baby toys".  Cole wanted "a rocket ship" and Reid wanted a third "Dog Dog"

Getting Ready for Christmas 2012

Gwen and Cole were extremely excited about the Christmas Season this year.  In early December we introduced them to the Elf on the Shelf and they took to the idea very well.  Before we were finished reading the book, they had already decided to name the elf "Elfie".  The name sounded appropriate to me.  Not very creative but heck, at least it wasn't "Poopy Elf" or some other form of potty talk (Thanks for engaging in this 'normal' boy behavior, Cole!).  Each morning the kids would zoom down the stairs and search the house for Elfie.  Reid seemed to understand what was going on and several mornings he was the first to spot Elfie.  He would run over and start grunting as he pointed to Elfie.  There were a few mornings when Elfie forgot to move (oops!) but thankfully the kids were ok with the explanation that Elfie was tired or just liked the spot a lot and didn't want to move (wish they would accept that excuse from me when I just want to sit and enjoy a break!).  

  Gwen singing a "Come on Christmas" song.  I never realized that when she used the keyboard behind her that she was actually serenading the neighborhood until one day I was outside and heard a lot of racket coming from the house.  Yup, our neighbors have definitely heard some joyful songs coming from our kids at all hours of the morning.
 Gwen organizing the christmas cards that we received to hang them on the wall.
 Rolling out the dough for our 2012 Christmas ornaments
 Reid's ready to show the Reindeer where to land.
 Reindeer food time!

 Cole painting his ornaments.
 Gwen painting her ornaments to give to family and friends.

America on Wheels December 2012

Daddy took some time off around the holidays so we decided to check out the America on Wheels train displays.  Andy took the big kids last year but this was the first time that Reid and I were able to attend.  All of the kids were interested in the trains.  They stood and watched for a LONG time.  Afterwards, we checked out the Air Products presentation and ate some yummy ice cream.  Reid toddled from room to room and quickly memorized where all of the trains were located.

 Checking out the lego display

 Attempting to get a pic with all three of my kiddos

 Reid has to do everything that the big kids do!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pip the Mouse- 12/14/12

On 12/14/12, we went to see Pip the Mouse for the third year with our Club Mom friends.  Reid was bouncing up and down on his toes when he saw the beautiful display of animals but his excitement went to a new level when he saw the ducks (see below).  Thankfully I didn't have too much of a problem keeping him from touching all of the animals.  Gwen and Cole were talking in the car on the way to the show about looking forward to hugging Pip and they smiled from ear to ear while doing so.

MMLV Holiday Party- 12/9/12

Fun times at the MMLV Holiday Party.  I was a mean mommy and wanted the pic of little dude crying with Santa.  I'm certain someday he'll laugh with the rest of us.

 Happy Reid before his Santa encounter

 Gwen playing with the big kids.
 Gwen and Cole with Ian Santa
Family Pic with Santa.  Gotta love Reid's face and the crayons in his hand :)

Christmas Tree 2012

In early December, Nana and Pap Pap came to help us pick up our christmas tree and decorate it.  Check out the final product!  Yup, it is in our dining room/puzzle room once again.  Yes, we managed to decorate the tree without breaking any ornaments.  No, I'm not going to share my favorite picture of Cole doing some naked tree decorating.