Thursday, May 31, 2012

At the end of the day, I constantly think to myself:  "I really need to write that down!".  My kids are just so funny!

1.  I still get a lot of "why" questions throughout the day but for now this trend seems to be replaced with "watch me, mama!".  Gwen and Cole are always jumping, hopping, kicking etc. and want me to see their cool new moves.

2.  On 5/9 Gwen wanted to make sure that I was watching the baby so she could leave the door open to her room and go do something. She looked at me and said: "Mama, you give and eye to Reid, ok?" I like that the kids are learning lots of expressions and love it when they twist the words.

3.  On 5/24:  I love spending individual time with my kids. Today Cole man helped me make muffins for playgroup. The best part was when it was time to pour the mixture into the muffin pan, Cole decided i needed a little song and dance to cheer me on. Check out those moves!

4.  Reid is such a mama's boy!  The other day I took Gwen and Cole outside on the patio to play in the water table and Reid was inside with Mimi.  She later told me that he would play for a little while and then it was like a lightbulb went off and he crawled as fast as possible over to the sliding glass doors to look for me.  Also, when Andy brings Reid in to wake me up in the morning, he kicks his little legs and crawls across the bed to get to me :)

5.  Gwen asks Daddy to snuggle with her at bedtime.  This is a nice way for them both to wind down after a long day but according to Andy gwen talks and talks and talks.  A few funny comments she has said recently include:  "When I go back in Mommy's belly..." and "Daddy, why I not have furry arms like you?"

6.  When Gwen wants Andy or I to relax with her at the end of the day she always makes us promise to stay "ten to five".  I have no idea where she got this but it has stuck for a few weeks now.

7.  When I put Cole to bed we usually go back and forth with "I love you a bushel and  peck and a hug around the neck".  He gets super giggly by the end :)

8.  The other day Cole patted my chest and asked:  "Mommy, do you have any other babies in there?".  Later in the day he announced that he "wanted 10 more boy babies".  Apparently he had babies on the brain!

Sesame Place Trip 5/18/12

On Friday, 5/18/12, our family took a trip to Sesame Place.  We tried to go into it with an open mind but were definitely hoping for the best after paying big bucks for one day of excitement.  I am so happy to report that we had an awesome family day.  Reid slept on the way there and was content in his new stroller looking at all of the people.  The only time he was not happy was when we had to wake him from his snooze to go inside to see Elmo's World show.  My poor little guy cried every time the crowd clapped or got loud.  I tried nursing him but that didn't calm him down much.  Thankfully he was fine once the show was over.  Gwen and Cole discovered their love for rides especially roller coasters.  When we realized that both kids were old enough to go on the roller coaster we didn't think Cole would actually go.  He grabbed Andy's hand and they were off to check things out.  See the pic below of Andy and Cole coming off of Cole's first roller coaster ride.  He was walking quickly down the ramp and was very excited!  Oh and Gwen had a blast on the kids version of the free fall.  She hopped right on with Daddy and squealed with excitement.  After a little  picnic on a bench by the entrance to the park we went back to ride some of the rides for a second time.  We never in a million years thought that everyone would last until the big parade at 4:00 pm but check out the pic of my kiddos and I watching the parade.  And you're not going to believe me when i tell you that we didn't leave the park until 5:00 ish and then we ate dinner at CFA with no fussing/whining/complaining/meltdowns!  What an awesome day!!!

Mommy's not Ready for a Stander!

This picture was taken on 5/17/12 right after I caught Reid standing holding onto his favorite toy for the first time.  I was hoping to capture him doing it for a second time but he was not interested in performing again.  Since this day he has been pulling up on everything.  Now at close to 9 months old, Reid pulls to a stand on clothes baskets, toys, people, crib, ottoman etc.  I have even seen him pull to a stand on the dishwasher.  He is a determined little dude and rarely fusses when he falls over (most of the fussing is his frustration in trying to get something).

Garden and Outside Fun

We've been enjoying hanging out outside a lot recently.  The kids love playing on their swingset; kicking the soccer ball around; making food in their sand table; jumping on stomp rockets; making beautiful pictuers on the sidewalk; going on bug hunts with magnifying glasses (we stop for EVER ant along the way!); throwing the frisbee to each other; riding balance bikes (only Gwen); pushing dolls in Reid strollers (only Gwen) and of course playing "monster".  Gwen has taken to pushing Reid on the bucket swing.  She is very gentle with him and he coos with excitement when she talks to him.  Both kids helped Daddy plant tomato and squash plants in our new garden planters.  Cole was too busy looking at hundreds of ants under some wood to pose for the picture with Daddy and Sis.

Trucks and More Event 5/12/12

On Saturday, 5/12/12, we attended the Junior League Trucks and More event with the Wachter Family (Jeff, Lena, Noah and Emmalyn).  When we first got there the kids did not seem thrilled.  As adults we thought this was pretty silly because we figured they would love seeing and playing in all of the huge trucks!  Thankfully after a little snack everyone perked up and was ready to explore.  They "drove" everything from Big Rigs to Front End Loaders with the cutest little smiles on their faces.  Reid hung out in my sling for awhile  but was very happy to crawl and explore the grass when I put him down.  Strange to think that he had just been released from the hospital the day before but the doctors said that he was up for normal activity and as you know, we love to be out and about :)

Reid's Hospital Stay and LV Zoo

The evening of 5/10 once again I could tell the Reid's simple cold was going into his chest.  This always seems to happen in the evening hours.  When he got up in the middle of the night I gave him a couple of breathing treatments but by morning my mommy instinct told me that it was time to take him to the ER.  We arrived around 8:30 am and his oxygen levels were in the upper 80's when he was sleeping so they admitted him.  We were told that he had a "little pneumonia" on the opposite side from his last wheezing episode a few weeks earlier.  My little man had a very difficult time sleeping hooked up to all of the wires and refused to sleep in the cage crib.  I wish i had taken a picture of the crib back when Cole was in the hospital and of course i forgot this time as well.  Basically the crib is enclosed and looks like a cage.  As REid started feeling better he wanted to move around and had fun playing in the cage.  He was at the point where he was perfecting pulling himself up to his knees and the crib bars were perfect for holding onto to do so.  The nurses were very nice and helpful but Reid soon became suspicious of anyone wearing a mask because he knew that they were going to poke him.  Daddy, Gwen and Cole came to visit in the afternoon which was fun until Gwen pushed the call button without us knowing and three nurses appeared within seconds.  Oops.  As least we were reassured that they would come running if we needed them!  Reid slept on mommy and in the carseat that night.  He did need some O2 help but had a fair night all things considered.  By about 11:00 am the next morning i was itching to get out of the small hospital room for a break.  I had be holding Reid for hours to nurse him and soothe him and I think the nurse finally realized that i just needed a short break.  She had a child life volunteer come in to play with Reid while i went down the hall for some water and to check my email.  When i came back 20 minutes later the child life volunteer was no longer there and the nurse had Reid wrapped in a recieving blanket and was rocking him while he was SCREAMING.  I asked what had happened and the nurse told me that he was too strong for the elderly child life lady and that she was trying to get him to sleep.  I was frustrated that they hadn't walked down the hall to get me but it was nice to have a little breathing room.  Shortly after that the doctor came in and said that Reid was cleared to go home and that we should follow up with the pedi and the allergist/asthma specialist. Below is a pic of my little man when he came home from the hospital.  HE wore this outfit during his entire hospital stay.  Also, below are some pics of Gwen and Cole's trip to the LV Zoo with Daddy.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Here's a scary story-- one night last week I was in the kitchen making dinner and was constantly checking on the baby.  At some point, i looked over and he was missing!  Apparently he figured out how to crawl up onto the end table platform and made his way behind the table and sofas to check out some wires.  And thankfully his hair is not standing up due to electrical current.  Man, this kid is going to give me a heart attack!

Check out my teeth...and my chunk!

Reid got his two bottom teeth the same week he was at the ER with pneumonia in April. He looks so cute when he smiles and those little teeth show :)

More Crawling

And in case you didn't believe me that my little man is crawling, here are more pictures.  I do have to say that I'm feeling slightly guilty because I doubt i had this many pics of Gwen and Cole when they started crawling :(

Here is my happy little princess in her nap outfit.  Every day when she goes upstairs for quiet time/nap, she goes through her drawers and dresses herself in an original creation.  The flower dress with the brown open dress (or vest dress as she calls it) is a fairly common combo but today was the first day that she decided to add the flower leggings.  Don't dare tell me that she is not a little fashionista!

St. Lukes Youth Run

On Saturday, April 28, 2012, we took the kids to run in the St. Lukes Youth Run.  When we arrived downtown to check in, both Gwen and Cole were fast asleep.  After waking them up, we registered and within minutes realized that the race was not going to be happening for Coleman.  He refused to put his number on his shirt and fussed/complained/tantrumed until the beginning of the race.  We knew going into this that the kids would be hesitant to run by themselves but this was a nice run because parents were able to run with their little ones.  Gwen seemed excited about running with Daddy.  Andy said that she was fine until they were given the go signal.  At that point Andy was running while holding her hand and thought he heard some crying.  He finally realized that she was the one crying but he couldn't look down or stop because of the huge crowd around them.  The good news is that they made it the 1/8 of a mile and afterwards Gwen was proud of the medal that she received for her first race.  Cole fussed while we watched the race and finally settled while sitting on the curb and eating a snack.  Funny thing is that he then begged us to stay to watch the other races.  Later that night when i asked him about his favorite part of the day he said:  "the race, mommy".  REALLY?

Reid's Crawling!!!!

I often feel like we are a family circus.  This picture is the perfect example.  Until just now i had no idea that Cole and Gwen were using Daddy as a junglegym while I was trying to get a picture of little Reidster crawling!  Yup, around 7.5 months he officially started crawling on all fours.  It took him all of a couple days to perfect things and he's been all over the house ever since!

 Mimi and Grandpa came to visit the weekend of April 21st.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate for us all to go to the March of Dimes walk but Tim and Andy did go by themselves.  During the visit, I caught this cute moment of Gwen exercising with her grandparents.
 Daily for a few months now Cole pretends that he is a kitty.  He usually creates some kind of enclosed "cage" and relaxes with his comforter.  Gwen usually plays into the game by making him some kitty food.  The other day she explained to me that it took "three easy steps to make kitty food".
 Check out my cutie pie!!!

The big kids love creating obstacle courses these days.  This night the house was fairly tidy when i went upstairs to chat on the phone.  I talked for 17 minutes and when i came back down Daddy was lying on the couch and Gwen and Cole had taken about 70% of the toys and were climbing all over their obstacle course.  Never a dull moment!
On Saturday, April 21, 2012, the five of us enjoyed the Air Products morning at America on Wheels.  We ate breakfast and then checked out all of the trucks/cars etc.  Cole was super pumped to eat a chocolate muffin for breakfast and managed to cover himself in chocolate crumbs.  Reid enjoyed looking around and even got a pretend ride in a small car.  He also showed off his sitting up skills on a bench while the big kids drove a big rig!

On Friday, April 20, 2012, I took the kiddos to Ricky Park for a morning of fun.  Gwen proudly refers to this park as "where Mommy's water broke", which is true.  She usually follows her statement up with "then baby Reid came out of Mommy's belly".  So cute :)  Anyway...on this day I gave the big kids tennis balls and let them go wild on the tennis court.  They threw the balls and said "Mommy we throw them very tricky" (I think that meant they threw them far).  Then they ran after them and repeated the process.  I loved seeing the smiles on their faces and Reid also enjoyed watching the big kids play.  He kicked his little feet and enjoyed some time on the blanket.  He was at the point where he wanted to touch and eat the grass so he was grabbing everything he could reach.  I have probably mentioned this before but Reid is very into textures.  He runs his little fingers over everything to explore how it feels.