Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden and Outside Fun

We've been enjoying hanging out outside a lot recently.  The kids love playing on their swingset; kicking the soccer ball around; making food in their sand table; jumping on stomp rockets; making beautiful pictuers on the sidewalk; going on bug hunts with magnifying glasses (we stop for EVER ant along the way!); throwing the frisbee to each other; riding balance bikes (only Gwen); pushing dolls in Reid strollers (only Gwen) and of course playing "monster".  Gwen has taken to pushing Reid on the bucket swing.  She is very gentle with him and he coos with excitement when she talks to him.  Both kids helped Daddy plant tomato and squash plants in our new garden planters.  Cole was too busy looking at hundreds of ants under some wood to pose for the picture with Daddy and Sis.

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