Thursday, May 17, 2012

On Friday, April 20, 2012, I took the kiddos to Ricky Park for a morning of fun.  Gwen proudly refers to this park as "where Mommy's water broke", which is true.  She usually follows her statement up with "then baby Reid came out of Mommy's belly".  So cute :)  Anyway...on this day I gave the big kids tennis balls and let them go wild on the tennis court.  They threw the balls and said "Mommy we throw them very tricky" (I think that meant they threw them far).  Then they ran after them and repeated the process.  I loved seeing the smiles on their faces and Reid also enjoyed watching the big kids play.  He kicked his little feet and enjoyed some time on the blanket.  He was at the point where he wanted to touch and eat the grass so he was grabbing everything he could reach.  I have probably mentioned this before but Reid is very into textures.  He runs his little fingers over everything to explore how it feels.  

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