Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A few Funny Cole Quotes

Cole is quite a character these days and often tries my patience!

Cole: "Uh oh, Mama! I lost my book" (in a voice two steps away from screaming/crying)

Me: "Which book, Cole?"
Cole: "I don't know" "Mommy, you help me look for it?"
Me: "Yes, but buddy i need to know which one to look for. Is it a library book?"
Cole: "I don't know!"
Me: "What is on the cover of the book? What is the book about?"

Upon return:
Cole: (excited voice) "Mama, I know what it is!"
Me: "That's great, Buddy, tell me"
Cole: "It is a rectangle. It has one, two, three, four sides."

Me: "Cole, look at Mommy. I really..."
Cole: "Mommy, I count your teeth"
Me: "Cole, I need you to listen..."
Cole: "One, two, three teeth. they are white"
Me: "Cole, please listen to me!"
Cole: "Mama, I count your teeth again"
Me: "Cole, when we go out today, you need to tell me when you have to go to the potty. Do you understand?"
Cole: "Wow, Mama! You have 14 teeth"

When Mimi and Grandpa were visiting last weekend and Mimi returned from church, Cole said: "How'd it go, Mimi?" He is definitely learning how to start a conversation! Now if only he would talk to other kids at the playground when they ask him his name, we might be in business!

When it was time to open presents at their birthday party, Cole kept saying: "WE can't open presents. We need Pap Pap. Where is Pap Pap? Pap Pap needs to be here to open presents". Such a sweet little man :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cole and Gwen have been having a lot of fun recently! They are so lucky to have each other and at times play very nicely together. Many mornings they make forts, airplanes etc. out of the large building blocks while I get breakfast ready. They build together and then take turns being the pilot. Bunny always gets a seat on the plane and comforter usually finds his way in as well. One morning the plane was built on the smaller side and Cole kept knocking blocks over as he and comforter tried to get in and out. I kept hearing Gwen say: "It's ok, cole" "No problem, Cole" "We'll fix it Cole. Don't worry". I swear this happened at least 20 times and she was SO patient with him! The pic on the right was taken when the kids were coloring. Gwen stopped for a minute to play her violin: "Mama, look at me. I'm playing my violin!"

Baby Boy's Daily Activities

Reid has been much happier doing tummy time recently. He is able to lift his head up high to watch his brother and sister. I'm hoping some day soon he'll figure out how to roll over :) His favorite toy is his Whoozit from The Downs Family. He LOVES it and often falls asleep in the carseat with it up by his head (see pic below).

Christmas Tree Decorating 2011

Daddy picked up our tree the other day and Cole and Gwen were very excited to decorate it. It is nice now that they are old enough to not play with the ornaments. WE did have to help them and somehow managed to make it through without breaking any ornaments :)

Reid, Reid and more Reid

Our little man is getting so big! It is so strange for us to have "the big baby" compared to several of our friends with little ones! Unfortunately, his skin and cradle cap had been getting worse over time. I took him back to Dr. Rice and after a blood test we were told that he most likely is allergic to peanuts. We have a followup allergist appointment coming up on 12/20. For now we have several shampoos, creams and steroid lotions to apply several times a day. Also, i have eliminated all nuts from my diet in hopes of helping our little man feel better. Besides being itchy, Reid is a pretty happy man. He is very nosy and often refuses to sleep because he wants to be where the action is! Check out the pic of him in the bumbo seat. Also, I love the pic of Cole holding him. I did have to catch the baby after i snapped the photo because Cole decided he wanted to go and started pushing Reid off of his lap.

One Last "Happy Thanksgiving" Post from Cole and Gwen!

In case you can't read what is written on the turkeys: "I am thankful for my bunny" and "I am thankful for my comforter".

Imaginative Play

Gwen and Cole love to pretend together. While the adults were cleaning up after Thanksgiving, they decided that an overturned table was the perfect "boat". They sat in it and pretended to row for awhile. Of course bunny, blankie and comforter had to join in on the fun!