Monday, July 9, 2012

More Shore

 Here is Gwen enjoying her first ice cream cone.  She inhaled it so quickly that I almost missed the opportunity to take her pic.  Uncle Milt ran out to get the ice cream and cones after the kids ate all of their dinner and started asking "What are we having for dessert?".  What a sweet uncle!
 Coleman continues to impress everyone with his puzzle abilities.  Aunt Terrie had a few 100 piece puzzles for him to try and with some help from Aunt Terrie and Gwen, he was quite successful :)
 Reid's first trip to the Ocean City boardwalk.
Our Family boardwalk photo.  This pic was taken by the sweetest lady.  Story to follow.

First Shore Trip of 2012

The weekend of June 23rd, we packed up the minivan and traveled to Sea Isle City.  Nana and Pap Pap already had plans so we relied on Aunt Terrie, Uncle Milt, Erienne and Dave for back up.  Gwen and Cole had fun playing in the sand and at the edge of the water.  Reid was thrilled to play in the sand but did something that I had never even thought about-- he picked out small pieces of shells to try to eat.  So..i had to keep a very close eye on my little troublemaker.  The most fun Cole and Gwen had was one afternoon when someone had left a small sandcastle and hole.  They enjoyed shoveling out the hole; jumping from one section of sand to another; and playing pirate on the beach.  Meanwhile, Reid climbed the mountains and ate some sand.

Friday, July 6, 2012


My idea of fun has certainly changed over the years.  These days I don't need a movie or fancy dinner to have fun.  Instead, i enjoy watching my children do the cutest little things.  Today it is way too hot to be outside and after a failed trip to the bowling ally (it was closed), we decided to sing and dance around the living room.  Hearing all of their little giggles and squeals were enough to bring a big smile to my face.  Reid held onto the couch, bounced up and down and cackled for a long time while the big kids and i ran around the room to burn off some energy.  Below you'll see some other fun moments we've experienced recently complete with Reid riding the vacuum and the big kids doing their yoga video.

My Big Boy

My Cole is such a funny little man these days!  He is into pirates, robots, dinosaurs, race cars and many other boy things.  We recently started creating stories by each adding a few sentences and every time cole adds a line it involves some kind of dinosaur eating someone or vehicle speeding away.  He often asks to listen to songs about pirates and race cars and then dances around exclaiming"Yo ho let's go" and "Green race car is the winner".  He loves putting together puzzles, reading and playing with his trains by himself but also is interested in "having a friend to play with".  He is a good helper when it comes to unloading the dishwasher and he tries his best to be the professional underwear and washcloth folder (see below).  He gets into giddy moods several times a week and laughs uncontrollably.  He also likes to pick a random word or phrase out of a conversation and repeat it always ending his statement with "who said ____".  For example, he'll say things like:  "Chickpeas, who said chickpeas?".  He is not a fan of dirt or feeling dirty at all.  In fact, at camp he refused to participate in making birdfeeders because he didn't want to get his hands dirty.  Sometimes he get involved in an activity and seems to be having fun until he realizes that he is getting dirty and then freaks out.  For example, he loves putting on his rainboots and jumping in puddles until he gets water in his boots and his feet get wet.  Cole recently declared Thursday, Friday and Saturday to be the only kissing days at our house.  Every day he reminds us what day it is and whether kisses are allowed or not.  He gets a big kick out of it when i sneak kisses on non-kissing days.  He still loves to recite "I love you a bushel and a peck" before bed to me.  We go back and forth with the verses.  Cole gets VERY excited about the small things in life.  The other day he was jumping up and down and put his hands up to his mouth with excitement when he came back from a walk with Daddy and they saw a bunny :)  

1st Baseball Game- 6/17/12

On Fathers Day, 6/17/12, our friends, the Kiss Family, invited us to enjoy box seats at the Iron Pigs game with them.  When we told Gwen and Cole that we were going to a baseball game Cole's response was:  "An Iron Pigs game?".  Apparently he had heard about the fun from Madelyn's dad, Mr. Ryan.  Gwen and Cole sat outside for the majority of the game.  They loved dancing to the music, yelling "charge" and watching FeFe.  Reid and I mostly hung out inside with Lauren and her twins, Skylar and Owen.  Crazy enough it was the most uninterrupted time Lauren and i have ever had to chat!  I love that we are at a point where we can plan to be out and about for more than a couple of hours before leaving due to a meltdown.  I can't tell you how many times recently that Andy and I have looked at our watches and been floored as to how long we've been somewhere without even thinking that it is close to time to leave :)