Monday, March 26, 2012

Our 1st Parade!

On Sunday, 3/18/12, we enjoyed the St. Patricks Day Parade in Allentown. We met up with the Kao Family and the Miley Family. Gwen and Cole sat on the curb and were very interested in the parade. They waved at the people in the parade and kept saying: "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" They especially liked it when people threw candy (or junk as they call it) at them. Cole sat so still that his leg fell asleep and he fell when he went to get up. He was very upset and i found it difficult to explain to him the concept of having a body part fall asleep. Finally with the help of some other adults (Daddy was taking gwen to the bathroom and i was in the middle of nursing the baby), Cole was back to normal. Reid did very well but cried every time the firetrucks came by and had their sirens on. Afterwards we went to the Kao's home to have a BBQ. Andy and I enjoyed being able to sit down and eat without being on top of the kids the entire time. Later Andy commented that he felt badly that we weren't helping everyone else with all of their wild and crazy kids! Our kids did get their fair share of sugar that day and were mighty crazy when we got home. Cole kept asking to go to another parade and Gwen noticed that the candy stash disappeared the next day :)

Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, March 10, 2012, we went to storytime at the library to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. The kids wore their Dr. Seuss hats that they had made at school and dressed in red to celebrate. Gwen and Cole enjoyed listening to Miss Erin read some special stories and Mommy had fun relaxing with the big kids while Daddy took care of Reid.

Twin Fun

Gwen and Cole have had some super fun times together this winter. They really are the best of friends and engage in the cutest imaginary play together. Their favorite game these days is Monster and they love it when Mommy (or any adult for that matter) pretends to be a monster and chases them around the yard/house. They have also been interested in playing Hide and Seek> They understand the concept for the most part but always hide in the same spot and are so excited that they are not quiet hiders.

Baby Happy...

Baby Happy! Reid really is a happy little man. He absolutely glows when Gwen and Cole pay attention to him. Mommy and Daddy just don't seem to compare! He rarely fusses during the day unless he is not close enough to the action or he's tired. He is not a great napper so he usually starts to melt down in the late afternoon hours. He often powers through naptime in the morning and takes one snooze in the middle of the day.

Gwen's a little mommy!

One of Gwen's favorite things to do is to "play babies". She is such a little mommy and I love having the time to sit down and listen to how she talks and takes care of her babies. One day she decided taht she needed to figure out how to wear her baby in a sling just like mommy wears Reid. She found this apron that Aunt Yvonne had made her and insisted that i tie it up so her baby doll could ride with her. She toted this heavy doll all around the house and up and down the stairs like this for at least an hour! Gwen has been a huge help with Reid recently. She pushes him on the swing, holds his hands while i change his dirty diapers and talks to him in such a sweet voice. I can totally tell that she listens to the inflection in my voice as she repeats so many of the phrases that i say to Reid both to him and to her dolls.

Visit with Granny

The weekend of March 3rd, Reid and Mommy went down to DE for a visit and to shop at the consignment sale. Reid hung out with with his buddy Pap Pap while Mommy and Nana shopped. he showed off his tummy time and sitting up skills. The next day before heading home, we stopped to visit Granny. Reid was very interested in what Granny was saying to him. In fact, he was super tired and refused to sleep because he was enjoying her company :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From Snowmen to Milkshake Making...

we've been enjoying the last few days of an extremely mild winter. On 3/5/12, we hosted a Goodbye Winter Meetup. The kids enjoyed being made into snowmen (that's just Reid all dressed up because Cole and Gwen insisted on taking off their toliet paper before I could find the camera) and eating a snowman snack. Afterwards, they decorated Marissa's basement with the toliet paper. Gwen also enjoyed decorating little Colton with the TP scraps. Below is a pic of the kids with the "milkshake maker" that they constructed. They played with it all day and made mommy's mouth water for a good black and white shake so we ended up at Jakes for an early dinner :)

Reid is 6 Months Old!

On March 3, 2012, our little Reidster turned 6 months old. It is so hard to believe that he is half a year old already. Time really does fly! To celebrate he hung out in his new exersaucer for the first time. Of course Cole and Gwen and to check it out too. He also showed off his sitting up skills with a few topples, of course. At six months he is squealing up a storm; sitting up with a little support; up on all fours and starting to rock (AHHHH!!!) and starting to enjoy eating some banana.

Cole's Happy Potty Day Special Treat

Right after Daddy returned from Texas, Cole had a day when was dry and sat on the potty all day long. This called for a celebration so we gave the kids a special ice cream treat (or junk, as they call it!). Cole was very proud but only ate a few bites. His sister on the otherhand,slurped down every last drop! Check out Cole's cheesy smile when we sang: "Happy Potty Day To You" to the tune of Happy Birthday!

Another fun Visit!

On Saturday, 2/25, Nana and Pap Pap came to visit. Reid was a little monkey and was super wiggly when Nana was holding him (when is the kid not on the move?!?). Cole showed off his puzzle skills. Mommy got him several new 24 piece puzzles and he didn't even need any help with them the first time! I guess we're moving onto more pieces...

Visit with Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Gene

On 2/24/12, Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Gene came to hang out and help Mommy while Daddy was away. Reid decided to show off his new rolling over skills but Mommy could not manage to get it on video. He also showed off how he could move backwards off of his blanket. Gwen and Cole had a blast in the bounce house and playing playdough with Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Gene. They even brought a special dinner complete with chicken nuggets and smiley face french fries. What a fun visit!