Monday, March 26, 2012

Gwen's a little mommy!

One of Gwen's favorite things to do is to "play babies". She is such a little mommy and I love having the time to sit down and listen to how she talks and takes care of her babies. One day she decided taht she needed to figure out how to wear her baby in a sling just like mommy wears Reid. She found this apron that Aunt Yvonne had made her and insisted that i tie it up so her baby doll could ride with her. She toted this heavy doll all around the house and up and down the stairs like this for at least an hour! Gwen has been a huge help with Reid recently. She pushes him on the swing, holds his hands while i change his dirty diapers and talks to him in such a sweet voice. I can totally tell that she listens to the inflection in my voice as she repeats so many of the phrases that i say to Reid both to him and to her dolls.

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