Saturday, September 24, 2011

Western Salisbury Fire Department Open House

This morning we went to check out this free event. Cole was overjoyed to sit in the fire truck and to look at the ladder extending into the clouds. Gwen had fun getting her face painted and playing several kid games (fishing, baseball etc.). We met up with the Nemitz Family. While we were eating, i noticed Cole got a strange look on his face and started coming to the other side of the table to sit next to me. Then i turned around and noticed a clown. I know the kid is not a fan of people in costumes but i have to hand it to him that he held it together very well. Thankfully the clown stayed at a distance to do perform his show and Cole watched intently. Andy and I got a kick out of it because on the way home i asked: "What was your favorite part about the Fire Department" and Cole's answer was: "the clown". Really?!? Are you kidding me?!? We were certain that this activity would wear the kids out and result in long naps but unfortunately no naps were to be had. Both kids played upstairs together nicely while Andy and I tried to get a few things done around the house. Apparently we were not listening well enough because when Andy went upstairs to tell the kids that quiet time was over he found out that Gwen had taken the soap dispenser and dispensed the hand soap all over the second floor-- crib, air purifier, carpet, sheepskin rug etc. Fun times! Oh and later in the afternoon Gwen said: "Mommy I not in a good mood. I not take a nap!". That about sums it up!

Our Week in Review

The highlights of this week include:

- Reid did Tummy Time for the first time (see pic)
- I semi-successfully went to Storytime at the library with three kids
- We got our family/newborn pics back from Christina Willardson and they were perfect. I have no idea how i'll choose which ones to frame:
- We went out to dinner at The Creamery as a family (see pics) and Cole actually ate all of his ice cream!!! Gwen got her picture taken next to her pic that is framed at the restaurant (see above)

9/19/11- Lots of Changes...

On Monday, Andy went back to work and the twins went to 2 year old preschool at Kristin's house for the first time this school year. Mommy was on her own with little Reid all morning and then had all three kids for the first time in the afternoon. The kids walked down to Kristin's and I carried Reid in the Moby. I had high hopes of getting some stuff done around the house but Reid had other plans-- he wanted to be held the ENTIRE day. GWen and Cole did well at school. Gwen had a cold and Kristin said that she was "a little out of it". Cole told me all about the books that they read and the songs they sang. He is into anything academic these days. The kid takes after his Daddy for sure! Unfortunately, Reid continued being clingy throughout the evening and as a result we did not get much sleep on Monday night :(

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Little Reid is Growing like a weed...

the kid is 2 weeks old and continues to nurse like a champ. When we pick him up he feels solid and has much more head control. He is very close to outgrowing his newborn clothes already. Today I put him in the bouncey seat for the first time so i could vacuum. He was very alert and checked everything out.

Rodale Institute Organic Apple Festival- 9/17/11

Yesterday we enjoyed a fun fall morning at the Organic Apple Festival. We went last year but the kids were too young to enjoy it. This year they LOVED it. First we picked apples with some Club Mom friends (well...Andy picked most of them and Gwen helped to plop them into the basket). Then the kids went through the straw bale maze. They enjoyed climbing with the older kids. We also ate hot dogs and apple cider floats with some of our twin and triplet friends. Gwen got a tatoo and was so excited to show it off that she insisted that Andy leave her fleece in the car (of course she got cold later). Cole refused a tatoo but had a blast on the tractor ride tour around the farm. Reid slept in the moby and only woke once to nurse.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We're a Family of 5!

We're slowly adjusting to being a family of five. On Tuesday evening Madelyn came over to play (see pic). She, Cole and GWen enjoyed the new swingset that Mimi and Grandpa purchased. This new "toy" came at the right time as it has entertained Gwen and Cole and allowed us the freedom to hang out at the house a little more to adjust to our new addition. Yesterday we took all of the kids to the Science Center. Gwen and Cole participated in Preschool Wed.. The theme was Under the Sea and they had a lot of fun making a seascape, pretending to be sea creatures, making waves with a parachute, and observing all kinds of sea creatures. Reid was happy in the Moby wrap and slept during the majority of our outing. When he started peeping, he nursed and then went right back to sleep. Today we all went to Storytime at the Lower Macungie Library. Reid slept the entire time in his carseat. The older kids had fun singing, reading and making a picture with three colors and a bunny. Tonight the Wachter Family came over to play. Gwen and Emmalyn enjoyed playing with dolls together and the boys played cars and trains. Everyone enjoyed the new swingset.

Gwen and Cole continue to say some pretty funny things. Cole loves saying: "I loooove ____" and Gwen is still obsessed with names. The other day she purposally started pairing people together whom she knew did not belong together. For example, she would say: "Pap Pap and Mommy", "Sarah and Ryan", "Mimi and Daddy".

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Introducing Reid Robert Stamps- Saturday, September 3, 2011

On 9/3/11, we welcomed Reid Robert Stamps into our family. He was born at 1:14 am and weighed 6 lbs, 10 oz. For more pictures and details, please check out his blog:

Gwen and Cole have been adjusting very well to being a big sister and big brother. They love to "Pat baby Reid" and "Hold baby Reid" So far they have been gentle and have not seemed to mind sharing mommy and daddy with the little man. Cole picked up on mommy calling him "the Reidster" and has started saying it as well. Gwen was hanging out with me the other day while i was nursing Reid and she decided to grab a boppy pillow and nurse her bunny :)