Thursday, September 15, 2011

We're a Family of 5!

We're slowly adjusting to being a family of five. On Tuesday evening Madelyn came over to play (see pic). She, Cole and GWen enjoyed the new swingset that Mimi and Grandpa purchased. This new "toy" came at the right time as it has entertained Gwen and Cole and allowed us the freedom to hang out at the house a little more to adjust to our new addition. Yesterday we took all of the kids to the Science Center. Gwen and Cole participated in Preschool Wed.. The theme was Under the Sea and they had a lot of fun making a seascape, pretending to be sea creatures, making waves with a parachute, and observing all kinds of sea creatures. Reid was happy in the Moby wrap and slept during the majority of our outing. When he started peeping, he nursed and then went right back to sleep. Today we all went to Storytime at the Lower Macungie Library. Reid slept the entire time in his carseat. The older kids had fun singing, reading and making a picture with three colors and a bunny. Tonight the Wachter Family came over to play. Gwen and Emmalyn enjoyed playing with dolls together and the boys played cars and trains. Everyone enjoyed the new swingset.

Gwen and Cole continue to say some pretty funny things. Cole loves saying: "I loooove ____" and Gwen is still obsessed with names. The other day she purposally started pairing people together whom she knew did not belong together. For example, she would say: "Pap Pap and Mommy", "Sarah and Ryan", "Mimi and Daddy".

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