Saturday, September 24, 2011

9/19/11- Lots of Changes...

On Monday, Andy went back to work and the twins went to 2 year old preschool at Kristin's house for the first time this school year. Mommy was on her own with little Reid all morning and then had all three kids for the first time in the afternoon. The kids walked down to Kristin's and I carried Reid in the Moby. I had high hopes of getting some stuff done around the house but Reid had other plans-- he wanted to be held the ENTIRE day. GWen and Cole did well at school. Gwen had a cold and Kristin said that she was "a little out of it". Cole told me all about the books that they read and the songs they sang. He is into anything academic these days. The kid takes after his Daddy for sure! Unfortunately, Reid continued being clingy throughout the evening and as a result we did not get much sleep on Monday night :(

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