Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rodale Institute Organic Apple Festival- 9/17/11

Yesterday we enjoyed a fun fall morning at the Organic Apple Festival. We went last year but the kids were too young to enjoy it. This year they LOVED it. First we picked apples with some Club Mom friends (well...Andy picked most of them and Gwen helped to plop them into the basket). Then the kids went through the straw bale maze. They enjoyed climbing with the older kids. We also ate hot dogs and apple cider floats with some of our twin and triplet friends. Gwen got a tatoo and was so excited to show it off that she insisted that Andy leave her fleece in the car (of course she got cold later). Cole refused a tatoo but had a blast on the tractor ride tour around the farm. Reid slept in the moby and only woke once to nurse.

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