Saturday, September 24, 2011

Western Salisbury Fire Department Open House

This morning we went to check out this free event. Cole was overjoyed to sit in the fire truck and to look at the ladder extending into the clouds. Gwen had fun getting her face painted and playing several kid games (fishing, baseball etc.). We met up with the Nemitz Family. While we were eating, i noticed Cole got a strange look on his face and started coming to the other side of the table to sit next to me. Then i turned around and noticed a clown. I know the kid is not a fan of people in costumes but i have to hand it to him that he held it together very well. Thankfully the clown stayed at a distance to do perform his show and Cole watched intently. Andy and I got a kick out of it because on the way home i asked: "What was your favorite part about the Fire Department" and Cole's answer was: "the clown". Really?!? Are you kidding me?!? We were certain that this activity would wear the kids out and result in long naps but unfortunately no naps were to be had. Both kids played upstairs together nicely while Andy and I tried to get a few things done around the house. Apparently we were not listening well enough because when Andy went upstairs to tell the kids that quiet time was over he found out that Gwen had taken the soap dispenser and dispensed the hand soap all over the second floor-- crib, air purifier, carpet, sheepskin rug etc. Fun times! Oh and later in the afternoon Gwen said: "Mommy I not in a good mood. I not take a nap!". That about sums it up!

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