Friday, December 21, 2012

Tagging the Tree

On 11/18/12, we went over to the Christmas Tree Farm to tag our 2012 tree.  Our trip would not be complete without hanging with the stuffed animals on the train.  This year Reid toddled and bounced all around while squealing about all of the stuffed animals.  This was by far his favorite part of the tree tagging experience.

 Fighting...I mean helping Daddy
 We found our 2012 Tree :)
 We tagged using the number 4 for our new FOUR YEAR OLDS

Boys and sticks

Time for CAKE

As I mentioned before, since East Penn planned the majority of the twin's birthday party, I had more time to focus on cake decorating.  I created a Barbie princess cake for Gwen and a Pirate cake for Cole.

 Dancing with Barbie Cake

Happy 4th Birthday, Cole and Gwen!!!

On Saturday, November 17, 2012, we hosted our first big kids birthday party at East Penn Fitness Center.  Gwen and Cole love going there for Open Bounce so we figured it would be perfect. I was very happy about just having to think about making the cakes and organizing party favors.  Both kids had colds (nothing new considering they seem to bring something home from preschool each week!).  Check out some of these fun pics of Princess Gwen and Pirate Cole playing with their little friends

 Trampoline fun with Colton and Alex
 Parachute Games
 Daddy let Reid bring Dog Dog inside (a big no no in Mommy's book!).  Reid held on tight but still wanted to run around and chase the balls.

 Princess Gwen
 Waiting to play "Squash the cheese"
 Birthday Group Picture

Mom Mom's Birthday

On 11/11/12, we went to Aunt Terrie's to celebrate Mom Mom's birthday.  While we were driving there I found myself thinking about 4 years ago when Andy and I drove there to celebrate Mom Mom's birthday.  I remember how uncomfortable  I was riding in the car.  I remember saying that it was absolutely my last long road trip while pregnant with the twins.  I remember enjoying hanging out with my family and not resting on the couch all day.  And who knew that a few days later I would have two beautiful little preemies in my arms?

This celebration included a little more energy thanks to the Stamps kids than that one four years ago.  Gwen enjoyed sitting at the dining room table with Nana and Cole stuck close to Pap Pap.  Reid insisted on sitting on Pap Pap's lap and snuggling with him and Dog Dog (see pic below).  Reid is now at the point where he fights for a little attention when Pap Pap is focusing on his brother or sister.  He will push the big kids out of the way or make a cute noise/smirk to get Pap Pap's attention.  Reid often does this at the dinner table to get Daddy's attention as well.

 Happy Birthday, Granny!!!!
Cole enjoyed some yummy cake.

Reid's Doings

At 14 months Reid thinks he can do everything that the big kids do.  He demands to sit on my lap and color while the kids do arts and crafts.  He insists on climbing the stairs and sliding down the stairs.  He toddles around the yard and plays monster with the big kids.  He holds a fork/spoon to eat his food.  He recently learned how to climb onto the couch and now wants to hang out up there with Gwen and Cole.  He figured out how to unlock the deadbolt and insists on helping to pour his oatmeal into the bowl each morning.  He pretends to cook at the play kitchen and zooms around the house holding toy airplanes and cars pretending they are flying.  He excitedly "meows" when a cat comes into the room and throws temper tantrums when he does not get his way.  He recently figured out that if he doesn't want me to put him down that he can wrap his legs around me tightly.  Reid is starting to move towards taking one nap but there are still plenty of days when he insists on snoozing in the morning and then refuses to go back down in the afternoon.  He is addicted to teddy grahams and craisens.  If he spots these snack bags he will do anything he can to indulge in these yummy goodies.  He has little interest in drinking whole milk and only gained 4 ounces between 12 months and 15 months.  He demands freshly pumped breastmilk and will sit with me while i pump so he can have some in his sippy cup in the middle of the pumping session.

Little dude loves to read.  My heart melts each time he backs his little bottom up into my lap and insists that I read him a book over and over and over.  On this day he decided that adults were not the only ones who could read to him.  He spotted Gwen sitting on the floor and tried to back into her lap.  It was  a little awkward at first but they figured it out and shared a special sibling moment.

Reid loves to dance.  I swear the kid took his first step and immediately started running, bouncing and dancing!  Speaking of which, when he hears the words "bounce house", he immediately starts bouncing in place and then runs over to make noise and scream while he waits for us to set it up.

Halloween Parade 2012

Due to Hurricane Sandy, the school Halloween Parade was postponed.  Cole and Gwen had no problem putting on their shark and princess costumes again to walk in the school parade.

 Gwen ended up at the end of the parade because she kept walking on her dress.  She asked me several times:  "Mommy, next year will you buy me a smaller dress?".  I felt badly for my little lady but for the price of the princess dress i wanted to make sure she got long term use out of it ;)
 Cole led the parade.  Here he is with his buddy, Danny.  When Danny arrives at school, both Gwen and Cole say:  "Danny!  It's Danny!  Yay, Danny!"
Mrs. Bacon and Mrs. Lynch's Class

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Family Birthday Party- 11/3/12

On Saturday, November 3, 2012 we celebrated Gwen and Cole's 4th Birthday with our families.  The kids requested a pirate and princess theme and were super excited about handing out pirate and princess items to party guests as they entered the party.  Both kids floated from one party guest to the next and enjoyed all of the attention they received :)

Princess Gwen

Gwen shoveling in her chocolate peanut butter cake
Uncle Gene is under there somewhere!

Last of our Halloween Fun

About a week after Halloween we wore our Halloween shirts for the last time and headed to The Science Center to play with our friends, Sawyer and Scarlett.  Cole's favorite part was following his buddy, Sawyer, around.  Gwen was excited to meet Ratty Snake's replacement, Rusty Snake.  Reid was fascinated by the fish tank.  he kept running over to see the fish while making fish noises.

 Look Mommy, I'm climbing!
 This exhibit kept my three children entertained for at least 30 minutes.  They especially enjoyed pushing their faces into the metal to see their faces on the other side (If Reid didn't push it back before they made it to the other side to look, that is.)

 Attempt at a belated halloween pic

Children and Performances

I remember when i worked at Epworth that the little kids enjoyed creating skits and songs and performing.  I  always had a smile on my face watching them perform because they were so excited and they didn't even understand the joy they gave to the adults watching them.  So now I'm blessed to see my own children perform :)  Check out this Jake and the Neverland Pirates song

14 Months Old- 11/3/12

Reid is growing up so quickly.  At 14 months he is communicating his needs and wants very well and if we do not understand him or do not give him what he wants he ends up having a temper tantrum on the floor.  He is very attached to his Mama Milk and waits very impatiently while I pump in the mornings.  He loves books and while he enjoys most books his favorites are Brown Bear, Brown Bear (which he attempts to say!) and Clifford the Big Red Dog.  He enjoys pointing out the moon and the clock (tick tock) in Clifford.  He is a very picky eater and mostly lives off of yogurt, cheese, fresh fruit, waffles/pancakes, carrots, sweet potatoes and graham crackers (if we let him have them).  He has been napping in the car after I drop the big kids off at school and when he gets up he is my shopping buddy.  He enjoys hanging out in the shopping cart (don't dare try to put him in the stroller unless you are going for a brisk walk and he will have a dog, bus or big kids biking to watch!).  He can be very shy and flirty around strangers and will peek out from behind my leg or shoulder to check them out and engage them.  He has stayed with Daddy a few times recently and asks for "Mama" while I'm gone but when I return he seems to be more of a Daddy's boy.  Reid loves to climb at the playground and around the house.  This kid is fearless!  He has many words at this point and enjoys doing some animal noises.  He is an expert at meowing when he sees the cats.

 Proud little man
 First time painting
 I told you he loves his fish costume!
Climbing in and out of clothes baskets is a daily thing.