Friday, December 21, 2012

Mom Mom's Birthday

On 11/11/12, we went to Aunt Terrie's to celebrate Mom Mom's birthday.  While we were driving there I found myself thinking about 4 years ago when Andy and I drove there to celebrate Mom Mom's birthday.  I remember how uncomfortable  I was riding in the car.  I remember saying that it was absolutely my last long road trip while pregnant with the twins.  I remember enjoying hanging out with my family and not resting on the couch all day.  And who knew that a few days later I would have two beautiful little preemies in my arms?

This celebration included a little more energy thanks to the Stamps kids than that one four years ago.  Gwen enjoyed sitting at the dining room table with Nana and Cole stuck close to Pap Pap.  Reid insisted on sitting on Pap Pap's lap and snuggling with him and Dog Dog (see pic below).  Reid is now at the point where he fights for a little attention when Pap Pap is focusing on his brother or sister.  He will push the big kids out of the way or make a cute noise/smirk to get Pap Pap's attention.  Reid often does this at the dinner table to get Daddy's attention as well.

 Happy Birthday, Granny!!!!
Cole enjoyed some yummy cake.

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