Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our little Monkeys!

One weekend in late October, Daddy and Mommy decided that everyone just needed to get out of the house so we picked up and drove to Pottstown to try out an indoor play center, Monkey Joes.  Gwen and Cole loved all of the inflatable slides.  Reid was very hesitant at first but did have fun running around outside of the inflatables and watching the big kids play.  I know i've said it a million times but our kids just have ENERGY.  It usually starts with Cole getting wound up and then Gwen follows.  Now Reid is at an age where he wants to run and play with the big kids but in all of their craziness the poor little guy usually gets knocked to the ground.  He really is a tough cookie and has been known to hit and scream when he is not being treated fairly.  We're thinking someday he's going to be bigger than G & C and i'm guessing he will one day give it right back to them!

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