Thursday, December 6, 2012

MMLV Halloween Party- 10/21/12

For Halloween, Cole decided he wanted to be a shark and Gwen said she wanted to be a "princess".  When I found the adorable Nemo costume, I was super excited that for once we would have a theme :)  Reid went around making kissing noises every time he saw his costume and demanded that we put it on him.  In fact, it is still hanging in the coat closet and when he sees me open the closet he still runs over to make fish noises.

 Waiting for the start of the Halloween Parade.
 Our attempt at a pic of all three kids.  The big kids thought that pulling on Reid's hat would "help" him pose for the picture.  They also enjoyed squeaking the hat.
 Hanging with the big kids
 Mummy Reid!
Reid got the hang of wrapping Mommy

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