Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jumping ahead...A Milestone Kind of Day...

I know I'm not all caught up on the blog at this point but I had to log in to write about the day we had today, 11/29/12.  When the kids woke up this morning, REid and Gwen noticed the Elf on the Shelf who was hanging out on the picture display shelf in our foyer.  While i was pumping for a very unhappy and hungry little man, I read the kids the Elf on the Shelf book.  It was such a cool moment to see their excitement about Elfie the Elf (they named him themselves).  They ran out to the foyer to check on him often throughout the day and to tell him all about their holiday wishes.  When Reid refused to take a morning nap, we got ready and took a walk (bike ride for cole; stroller pushing for Gwen and stroller ride for REid) in the cold to burn a little energy and we ended up at the Kiss Family home for a morning playdate.  The kids had a blast and Lauren and i got to chat for a little while.  After lunch, Reid went down for his nap at 12:30 pm and slept until 2:45 pm!  This is one of the longest naps he's ever taken.  I guess i do have to mention that the other morning he napped for 2 hours in the car.  I would have been thrilled about the morning nap except he chose to do it on the snowy day when the sun was not shining so mommy sat in the car FREEZING for a good portion of the nap time.  Back to my point-- Reid's middle of the day long nap was awesome.  He also decided today that he enjoyed meat and ate more salty meat than i think my kids have ever had (sausage for breakfast; turkey lunchmeat for lunch and chicken nuggets for dinner).  As i was making dinner, i looked into the family room to check on the kids who were watching TV and noticed the REid had learned how to climb onto the ottoman.  My little risk taker was standing on the ottoman!  OH and one more fun milestone today was that Reid put together two signs.  I was tickling him and he signed "more, more, more" and then made up his own sign for "tickle".  He signed "more, more, more tickle" for at least 10 mintues while we giggled together :)

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