Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Longwood Gardens 10/20/12

Cole, Gwen, Reid and I met up with Nana and Pap at Longwood Gardens for a beautiful day of exploring while Daddy worked on painting Gwen's big girl room.  We could not have asked for a nicer fall day and as Nana always says:  "WE could not have asked for better behaved children" :)  

 Reid first discovers the fountains at The Children's Garden
 Everyone tried to catch the water as it went down the hill.
 Painting was a big hit.  Reid only tried to eat the paintbrush twice.
 Reid decided it would be fun to put his head in the fountain (see next post for video of this action!)
 Right about now Mommy was thinking:  "I sure hope Daddy did not take the bin of extra clothes out of the van" because the towels that Longwood provided were not going to help much.

 Wet drummers.
 Reid checks out a birdhouse in a case while hanging out in the treehouse.
 Our dry clothes may not be stylish but at least we're dry!

Checking out the trains.  Cole was mesmerized and spent at least 30 minutes just watching them go by.

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