Tuesday, November 27, 2012

School Picture Day: October 10, 2012

I knew about school picture day the first week of school when I received a packet of information from the kids preschool.  I honestly didn't even look at it because I knew that we were going to have family pics done with Christina Willardson and that school pics wouldn't be worth the money.  Fast forward a month to the evening of 10/9/12 when I was logged onto Facebook and came across a post from my friend, Julie Horleman Bacon, asking about purchasing school pictures.  The majority of the replies were that she would regret not purchasing them so her friends encouraged her to suck it up and buy the cheapest packages.  So there I was thinking that I was a horrible Mommy for not even considering purchasing school pictures.  I let it go and the next morning when i was getting Gwen and Cole ready for school I took this adorable pic to be their 2012 Preschool Picture.  But...when we arrived at school I was overcome with Mommy guilt.  All of the other parents were fluffing their kids hair and saying things like:  "Show Mommy how you are going to smile for the camera!" and "Make sure you smile big and pretty".  Then I overheard the other twin mom say to Gwen and Cole's teacher, "I think $16 was the cheapest package so here is the money".  I smooched the kids goodbye and immediately went to the car to see if I had $32 in cash to purchase pics.  I usually don't keep cash on me but thankfully on this day I had all of $33 in the car.  I then rushed back to the classroom and with the help of Mrs. Lynch filled out the papers to purchase pics. Hey, at least I now am the proud owner of two class pictures and individual pics of the kids their first year of preschool :)

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