Monday, November 12, 2012

We have a 13 Month Old!

On October 3, 2012, my little man turned 13 months old.  I am still in denial that my baby is over a year old now.  He is such a little man!  At 13 months Reid loves books.  He constantly brings me books and then wiggles his little bottom into my lap to look and listen to them.  When I finish reading, he stands up and faces me to then turn around and sit again with the same book signaling me to read it again.  He especially enjoys books about animals and is an expert at making duck, dog, cat, guinea pig, mouse (squeak), and geese noises.  He is fascinated by dogs and an expert cleaner.  He picks crumbs off the kitchen floor and puts them in the trash can and enjoys using the vacuum attachments to do his own carpet cleaning.  We joke that he is his Pap Pap's clone because of his organization and cleaning skills.  He has mastered climbing the stairs and runs around like a crazy man.  He has started climbing play structures at the playground.  He thinks he is one of the big kids and insists on doing everything that they do.  If he does not get his way he has all out temper tantrums on the floor espeically when it comes to food.  He now knows what the teddy graham, pretzel and cranberry bags look like and if he catches a glimpse of them in the pantry he freaks out.  Reid enjoys the morning routine and proudly runs over to give daddy high fives and hugs when he leaves for work.  He also greets daddy at the door when he hears the garage door open late in the day.  Reid has been sleeping a little better in that he goes down easier in the evenings and is only up 2-3 times a night.  He takes two naps and i have been enjoying a little quiet time on school days when Reid snoozes in the car and i sit and relax or read a book.  

Reid spotted Oscar dog!

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