Monday, March 26, 2012

Our 1st Parade!

On Sunday, 3/18/12, we enjoyed the St. Patricks Day Parade in Allentown. We met up with the Kao Family and the Miley Family. Gwen and Cole sat on the curb and were very interested in the parade. They waved at the people in the parade and kept saying: "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" They especially liked it when people threw candy (or junk as they call it) at them. Cole sat so still that his leg fell asleep and he fell when he went to get up. He was very upset and i found it difficult to explain to him the concept of having a body part fall asleep. Finally with the help of some other adults (Daddy was taking gwen to the bathroom and i was in the middle of nursing the baby), Cole was back to normal. Reid did very well but cried every time the firetrucks came by and had their sirens on. Afterwards we went to the Kao's home to have a BBQ. Andy and I enjoyed being able to sit down and eat without being on top of the kids the entire time. Later Andy commented that he felt badly that we weren't helping everyone else with all of their wild and crazy kids! Our kids did get their fair share of sugar that day and were mighty crazy when we got home. Cole kept asking to go to another parade and Gwen noticed that the candy stash disappeared the next day :)

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