Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A few Funny Cole Quotes

Cole is quite a character these days and often tries my patience!

Cole: "Uh oh, Mama! I lost my book" (in a voice two steps away from screaming/crying)

Me: "Which book, Cole?"
Cole: "I don't know" "Mommy, you help me look for it?"
Me: "Yes, but buddy i need to know which one to look for. Is it a library book?"
Cole: "I don't know!"
Me: "What is on the cover of the book? What is the book about?"

Upon return:
Cole: (excited voice) "Mama, I know what it is!"
Me: "That's great, Buddy, tell me"
Cole: "It is a rectangle. It has one, two, three, four sides."

Me: "Cole, look at Mommy. I really..."
Cole: "Mommy, I count your teeth"
Me: "Cole, I need you to listen..."
Cole: "One, two, three teeth. they are white"
Me: "Cole, please listen to me!"
Cole: "Mama, I count your teeth again"
Me: "Cole, when we go out today, you need to tell me when you have to go to the potty. Do you understand?"
Cole: "Wow, Mama! You have 14 teeth"

When Mimi and Grandpa were visiting last weekend and Mimi returned from church, Cole said: "How'd it go, Mimi?" He is definitely learning how to start a conversation! Now if only he would talk to other kids at the playground when they ask him his name, we might be in business!

When it was time to open presents at their birthday party, Cole kept saying: "WE can't open presents. We need Pap Pap. Where is Pap Pap? Pap Pap needs to be here to open presents". Such a sweet little man :)

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