Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reid, Reid and more Reid

Our little man is getting so big! It is so strange for us to have "the big baby" compared to several of our friends with little ones! Unfortunately, his skin and cradle cap had been getting worse over time. I took him back to Dr. Rice and after a blood test we were told that he most likely is allergic to peanuts. We have a followup allergist appointment coming up on 12/20. For now we have several shampoos, creams and steroid lotions to apply several times a day. Also, i have eliminated all nuts from my diet in hopes of helping our little man feel better. Besides being itchy, Reid is a pretty happy man. He is very nosy and often refuses to sleep because he wants to be where the action is! Check out the pic of him in the bumbo seat. Also, I love the pic of Cole holding him. I did have to catch the baby after i snapped the photo because Cole decided he wanted to go and started pushing Reid off of his lap.

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