Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reid's Hospital Stay and LV Zoo

The evening of 5/10 once again I could tell the Reid's simple cold was going into his chest.  This always seems to happen in the evening hours.  When he got up in the middle of the night I gave him a couple of breathing treatments but by morning my mommy instinct told me that it was time to take him to the ER.  We arrived around 8:30 am and his oxygen levels were in the upper 80's when he was sleeping so they admitted him.  We were told that he had a "little pneumonia" on the opposite side from his last wheezing episode a few weeks earlier.  My little man had a very difficult time sleeping hooked up to all of the wires and refused to sleep in the cage crib.  I wish i had taken a picture of the crib back when Cole was in the hospital and of course i forgot this time as well.  Basically the crib is enclosed and looks like a cage.  As REid started feeling better he wanted to move around and had fun playing in the cage.  He was at the point where he was perfecting pulling himself up to his knees and the crib bars were perfect for holding onto to do so.  The nurses were very nice and helpful but Reid soon became suspicious of anyone wearing a mask because he knew that they were going to poke him.  Daddy, Gwen and Cole came to visit in the afternoon which was fun until Gwen pushed the call button without us knowing and three nurses appeared within seconds.  Oops.  As least we were reassured that they would come running if we needed them!  Reid slept on mommy and in the carseat that night.  He did need some O2 help but had a fair night all things considered.  By about 11:00 am the next morning i was itching to get out of the small hospital room for a break.  I had be holding Reid for hours to nurse him and soothe him and I think the nurse finally realized that i just needed a short break.  She had a child life volunteer come in to play with Reid while i went down the hall for some water and to check my email.  When i came back 20 minutes later the child life volunteer was no longer there and the nurse had Reid wrapped in a recieving blanket and was rocking him while he was SCREAMING.  I asked what had happened and the nurse told me that he was too strong for the elderly child life lady and that she was trying to get him to sleep.  I was frustrated that they hadn't walked down the hall to get me but it was nice to have a little breathing room.  Shortly after that the doctor came in and said that Reid was cleared to go home and that we should follow up with the pedi and the allergist/asthma specialist. Below is a pic of my little man when he came home from the hospital.  HE wore this outfit during his entire hospital stay.  Also, below are some pics of Gwen and Cole's trip to the LV Zoo with Daddy.

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