Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sesame Place Trip 5/18/12

On Friday, 5/18/12, our family took a trip to Sesame Place.  We tried to go into it with an open mind but were definitely hoping for the best after paying big bucks for one day of excitement.  I am so happy to report that we had an awesome family day.  Reid slept on the way there and was content in his new stroller looking at all of the people.  The only time he was not happy was when we had to wake him from his snooze to go inside to see Elmo's World show.  My poor little guy cried every time the crowd clapped or got loud.  I tried nursing him but that didn't calm him down much.  Thankfully he was fine once the show was over.  Gwen and Cole discovered their love for rides especially roller coasters.  When we realized that both kids were old enough to go on the roller coaster we didn't think Cole would actually go.  He grabbed Andy's hand and they were off to check things out.  See the pic below of Andy and Cole coming off of Cole's first roller coaster ride.  He was walking quickly down the ramp and was very excited!  Oh and Gwen had a blast on the kids version of the free fall.  She hopped right on with Daddy and squealed with excitement.  After a little  picnic on a bench by the entrance to the park we went back to ride some of the rides for a second time.  We never in a million years thought that everyone would last until the big parade at 4:00 pm but check out the pic of my kiddos and I watching the parade.  And you're not going to believe me when i tell you that we didn't leave the park until 5:00 ish and then we ate dinner at CFA with no fussing/whining/complaining/meltdowns!  What an awesome day!!!


  1. So gad you had fun! We totally want to go there! We'll have to plan it with you all for next year!