Thursday, May 17, 2012

St. Lukes Youth Run

On Saturday, April 28, 2012, we took the kids to run in the St. Lukes Youth Run.  When we arrived downtown to check in, both Gwen and Cole were fast asleep.  After waking them up, we registered and within minutes realized that the race was not going to be happening for Coleman.  He refused to put his number on his shirt and fussed/complained/tantrumed until the beginning of the race.  We knew going into this that the kids would be hesitant to run by themselves but this was a nice run because parents were able to run with their little ones.  Gwen seemed excited about running with Daddy.  Andy said that she was fine until they were given the go signal.  At that point Andy was running while holding her hand and thought he heard some crying.  He finally realized that she was the one crying but he couldn't look down or stop because of the huge crowd around them.  The good news is that they made it the 1/8 of a mile and afterwards Gwen was proud of the medal that she received for her first race.  Cole fussed while we watched the race and finally settled while sitting on the curb and eating a snack.  Funny thing is that he then begged us to stay to watch the other races.  Later that night when i asked him about his favorite part of the day he said:  "the race, mommy".  REALLY?

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