Thursday, May 31, 2012

At the end of the day, I constantly think to myself:  "I really need to write that down!".  My kids are just so funny!

1.  I still get a lot of "why" questions throughout the day but for now this trend seems to be replaced with "watch me, mama!".  Gwen and Cole are always jumping, hopping, kicking etc. and want me to see their cool new moves.

2.  On 5/9 Gwen wanted to make sure that I was watching the baby so she could leave the door open to her room and go do something. She looked at me and said: "Mama, you give and eye to Reid, ok?" I like that the kids are learning lots of expressions and love it when they twist the words.

3.  On 5/24:  I love spending individual time with my kids. Today Cole man helped me make muffins for playgroup. The best part was when it was time to pour the mixture into the muffin pan, Cole decided i needed a little song and dance to cheer me on. Check out those moves!

4.  Reid is such a mama's boy!  The other day I took Gwen and Cole outside on the patio to play in the water table and Reid was inside with Mimi.  She later told me that he would play for a little while and then it was like a lightbulb went off and he crawled as fast as possible over to the sliding glass doors to look for me.  Also, when Andy brings Reid in to wake me up in the morning, he kicks his little legs and crawls across the bed to get to me :)

5.  Gwen asks Daddy to snuggle with her at bedtime.  This is a nice way for them both to wind down after a long day but according to Andy gwen talks and talks and talks.  A few funny comments she has said recently include:  "When I go back in Mommy's belly..." and "Daddy, why I not have furry arms like you?"

6.  When Gwen wants Andy or I to relax with her at the end of the day she always makes us promise to stay "ten to five".  I have no idea where she got this but it has stuck for a few weeks now.

7.  When I put Cole to bed we usually go back and forth with "I love you a bushel and  peck and a hug around the neck".  He gets super giggly by the end :)

8.  The other day Cole patted my chest and asked:  "Mommy, do you have any other babies in there?".  Later in the day he announced that he "wanted 10 more boy babies".  Apparently he had babies on the brain!

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