Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just Hanging Out at Home

We've been enjoying hanging out at home a little more the past few weeks.  Reid is no longer an on the go kind of baby so we have been home in the mornings while he naps.  Some days Cole and Gwen managed to entertain themselves and play very nicely together.  Other days they argue and I pull out some kind of craft project or game for the three of us to play together.  After everyone is up from afternoon naps, we have been enjoying playing outside.  Since the backyard gets direct sun at that hour we usually end up relaxing out front.  

 The big kids love to dress Reid up.  And i secretly love to watch him crawl around in a hot pink tutu!
 Reid loves Gwen's babies.  I think he realizes that they are similar to himself.  He has started pulling up on the doll stroller and pushing it a few steps.
 Reid's favorite toy!

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