Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's Race Time!

Today, 6/9/12, Cole ran his first race.  He refused to put on his number and run last time but today was his time to shine!  He proudly waited in line for his number and let Andy pin it on him no problem.  Both he and Gwen were ready to run in the Parkway Kids Running Series.  Gwen even ran 10 feet in front of Andy and Cole.  I watched from the sideline with an extremely fussy baby.  The past few days and nights have been rough because my little Reidy is cutting his top two front teeth.  He has been up every 1-2 hours at night and has been Mr. Fussy during the day. All of that coupled with the loud music and large loud crowd at the race did not make for a happy baby.  Thankfully i was able to calm him down enough for him to nurse and then seemed a little more settled.  After Cole and Gwen got their balloon animals (purple giraffe and pink bunny), we all sat down for a little snack.  Our little trouble maker decided that he needed to eat grass and even found a stick to wave around!

Cole is ready!
Gwen is looking cute!
There they go!
Daddy kept trying to get a good pic of them after the race but they were too interested in how their ribbons spun in the wind.

Refueling with a snack.

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