Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Little Princess

If you know me well you know that I am in no way a girly girl but as a mom of a sweet little princess, I have been enjoying all of the girl toys/games/ attitudes that some with having a daughter.  Recently Nana painted Gwen's toenails and fingernails for the first time this summer.  Gwen has proudly shown off her nails to everyone and glows with excitement when someone notices her pretty nails.  She enjoys being pampered while getting her haircut and sits patiently while the stylist cuts and braids her hair.  She loves the added sparkles in her hair and the sparkle prints on her cheeks.  She enjoys dressing up and walks around announcing how pretty she is and especially enjoys using her magic wand to turn people into things (Cole always turns me into a goon!).  She is also quite the little mommy.  In fact, she has taken over all of our single strollers for her dolls.  When we go outside for bug walks she always pushes her baby and her kid (don't dare call that doll a baby!).  She thoughtfully prepares for these outings by gathering toys, pacifiers, bottles, burp cloths etc. for her baby.  (Side story- when i took opened Reid's single stroller at the pedi's office the other day i swear at least 20 baby toys fell out of it and landed right in the middle of the parking lot!)  .Several times a day she'll ask:  "Mama, what is your baby's name?" and before i can answer, she says:  "Awww.  how cute!"

 She plays by herself with her dolls and sets up little scenes during quiet time and before bed.

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