Thursday, May 17, 2012

 Mimi and Grandpa came to visit the weekend of April 21st.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate for us all to go to the March of Dimes walk but Tim and Andy did go by themselves.  During the visit, I caught this cute moment of Gwen exercising with her grandparents.
 Daily for a few months now Cole pretends that he is a kitty.  He usually creates some kind of enclosed "cage" and relaxes with his comforter.  Gwen usually plays into the game by making him some kitty food.  The other day she explained to me that it took "three easy steps to make kitty food".
 Check out my cutie pie!!!

The big kids love creating obstacle courses these days.  This night the house was fairly tidy when i went upstairs to chat on the phone.  I talked for 17 minutes and when i came back down Daddy was lying on the couch and Gwen and Cole had taken about 70% of the toys and were climbing all over their obstacle course.  Never a dull moment!

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