Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mama Milk

As attached as Reid is to his Mama Milk he still refuses to nurse.  At 15 months he learned that he could demand the freshly pumped milk faster by bringing Mommy his sippy cup to fill mid pump.  Unfortunately, like big brother and big sister, he refuses to drink frozen breastmilk.  When Reid first went on his "nursing strike/weaning" back in August, I was making a lot of milk and decided to freeze it.  A few months later I received a message on my Monday Morning Moms breastfeeding group that a foster mom was looking for donated breastmilk for her foster baby who was underweight and malnourished.  Within minutes of reading the message, I was in touch with the foster mom and set up a time to donate a few gallons of breast milk.  (Check out Reid playing with the bags of milk below).  When we met up with the foster mom, I tried to explain to GWen and Cole what was going on but they were not satisfied with my explanation.  They kept asking "But Mommy, why does this baby need your Mama Milk?  Why he not have his Mommy's Mama Milk?"  I tried to provide them with age appropriate answers for their questions and kept telling them that this was a special thing to be able to give a little baby the milk to help him grow big and strong.  Finally Gwen and cole seemed ok with my explanation but when I was handing over the milk, Gwen became very upset.  I thought she was just frustrated because we had been in the car for awhile and then i chatted for a few minutes with the foster mom but then she said:  "Mommy, I sad because you give Reid's Mama Milk to the baby".  Poor Gwen thought that I was giving away all of Reid's milk and the he would not be allowed to have any more.  She is such a sweet and thoughtful little girl.

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