Thursday, January 3, 2013

First Snow-11/27/12

On 11/27/12, I nominated myself for an official Mommy of The Year Award after getting three kids bundled up to go out in the snow.  Thankfully everyone had fun and we played the afternoon away for about 1.5 hours.  Reid could barely walk in all of his snow gear but he showed me that he wanted to ride in the swing and enjoyed doing that while the big kids slid down the slide and across the grass on their bottoms.

 See the grass?  That's because Cole and Gwen cleared the snow with their bottoms.  They went down the slide and slid several feet across the yard.  Lots of giggles and lots of fun!
Did i mention how difficult it was to get Reid out of the swing when it was time to go inside?  Not only was he stuck due to all of his snow gear but he also threw a huge temper tantrum!

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