Thursday, January 3, 2013

15 Months

On 12/3/12, Reid turned 15 Months Old.  Not only is it crazy to think that my little guy is that old but it is also crazy to sit and watch all of the things he can do!  He recently learned the art of climbing onto the couch to hang out with the big kids.  He also does well going up the stairs and backing down stairs.  He learns new words daily and also enjoys signing.  His main signs are:  "more, more, more", "eat", "dog", "cat", "hat", "milk", "all done".  He loves his baby signs DVD and it is the only chance I have these days of having a little break from him hanging on my legs while i'm in the kitchen.  He thinks he is one of the big kids and will do anything they do.  REcently he learned to color and now sits in his booster seat at the craft table to color with Gwen and Cole.  He definitely knows what he wants and gets very frustrated and tantrums when Mommy or Daddy tell him no.  

Monkey Reid!

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