Friday, March 1, 2013

Mommy and Reid Day

Today Daddy took Gwen and Cole snowtubing so Reid and I got to spend some quality time together.  In the morning we visited my dear friend, Sarah, who just had an adorable little baby.  Since in the past Reid has not been a fan of me hanging out with other babies, I tried to prep him in advance.  For a few days now  I've been saying to him-- "We're going to go visit Miss Sarah, Riley, Jonah and their new baby, Audrey.  (reid nods head 'yes') and Mommy is going to snuggle baby Audrey (Reid nods head 'yes').  Even with this coaching, I was certain that Reid would have something negative to say about me holding baby Audrey but surprisingly he didn't seem to mind at all.  I'm thinking he was under the impression that she was just a doll baby because she was asleep and barely made a peep the entire time I held her. The highlight of our day together was when we discovered the birds on our front porch who are making a next in one of our shutters. Reid squealed 'bird' at least 500 times today.  We also discussed that the birds were making a nest to lay eggs and then baby birds would come out.  After having this discussion a few times, Reid was soon filling in the blanks with "Bird", "nest", "Baby, peep peep".  My smart little boy :)  Our day of fun also consisted of Reid practicing eating messy foods with a spoon (see above pic) and a little walk/jog around the neighborhood to look for dogs and buses.  Reid definitely missed his big brother (apparently I don't play "kitty" as well as "Dole") and big sister but it is nice to see him lead the play for a change.  Another bonus is that when I was trying to clean up the kitchen, he did not fuss and yell "Dole, Dole" while looking for ice cubes for his boo boos.

While I'm writing about little dude, I don't want to forget that yesterday I learned a valuable lesson-- When you have an 18 month old at home, do not mention upcoming outings to him until you are in the car going to the outing.  I totally forgot about how I used to keep plans to myself when Gwen and Cole were Reid's age until yesterday when I informed everyone first thing in the morning that we were going to "Open Bounce".  As soon as these words exited my mouth, Reid started bouncing off of the ground and screaming 'bounce, bounce, bounce!".  My little guy was so excited and had no concept of time and how we still had to go to the grocery store, unload the groceries and then sit in the parking lot waiting for East Penn Fitness Academy to open.

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