Thursday, February 14, 2013

Snow Day Monday

There must be some kind of teacher union that gets together on Sunday nights to plan Snow Day Mondays around here.  Sometimes I wish it was Snow Day Thursdays or Snow Day Fridays so it wouldn't affect us but I do have to admit that after I get the kids all bundled up to play in the snow, we have a blast.  All of the kids enjoy shoveling and spend hours pushing the snow around.  AND recently I accidentally discovered that if i give them sand shovels and sand buckets that they will scoop the snow and make all kinds of ice sculptures and even pretend soups complete with snow, mulch and pine needles with them.  

 Is that Gwen under that hat?
 Cole's fun turned to fussing when he refused to wear the waterproof mittens and his hands were freezing...
 Reid is a rather productive shoveler
 Putting snow in a bucket is perfect for this toddler.  I seem to remember some other toddlers who loves to put things in buckets/pails etc. and then dump them right out.  Oh wait!  All three of my kids still do that :)
Post shoveling Lunch Bunch Picnic (Gwen and Cole were supposed to go to lunch bunch so they ate their packed lunches at 10:00 am on the floor.  Whatever works...)

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