Monday, February 4, 2013

Reid is 16 Months Old (1/3/13)!

I know I say this every month but I really cannot believe that my little baby is turning into such a little toddler.  There is not much that he cannot do these days and don't dare tell him that he is not allowed to do something that his big brother and big sister are doing.  He is repeating words all day long and specializes in saying "no, no, no" while shaking his head and arching his back/tantruming.  He recently started trying to say "Gwen" and  "Cole" (Dole).  He learned how to climb onto the couch recently and insists on being snuggled up in Mommy's new blanket while he is up there with the big kids.  He says everything from "Daddy (no longer Dada) to "Love you" and is a big climber.  He enjoys climbing up the ladder and going down the slide outside which makes Mommy extremely nervous.  He is learning to soothe himself with the help of his Dog Dogs (He still calls them Dog Dog even though he refers to a Dog as Doggy or Oscar these days).  Since he's had a few colds this winter we have increased his breathing treatments to twice daily and recently he passed another round of his peanut challenge so we are trying to incorporate small amounts of peanut butter into his diet.  Too bad the kid refuses to eat peanut butter.  He has been eating slightly better recently too.  Foods that he can pick up and eat by taking big kid bites are especially exciting (tortilla wraps with cheese, pancakes with cream cheese, sandwiches, chicken nuggets etc.).  Reid is fairly outgoing when he's in new situations and has been known to flirt with strangers.  When we're at playdates he sticks close to me if Gwen and Cole are not with us but usually runs off to play if they are present.  Reid makes cooking and getting dinner on the table nearly impossible for Mommy.  He insists on being carried on my hip or pulls on my legs and tries to climb up to me when I'm working in the kitchen.  Reid definitely has energy like his older brother.  He loves running laps around the center of our house.  The big kids pretend that he is a monster who is chasing them and everyone joins in the fun.  Reid also enjoys dancing and singing.  He does the sign for "more, more, more" and says "M, M, M" often when I sing Old MacDonald and Ring Around the Rosie.

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