Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just a normal day at our house...

Yes we are on the go quite often because quite honestly my kids behave much better when we are out and about and we all drive each other nuts if we are cooped up inside for too long...BUT we do manage to have lots of fun together at the house.

Each day the kids watch approximately 40 minutes of TV.  They love snuggling on the couch and always sit in the same spots.  Cole and Reid can often be found pulling Mommy's soft warm blanket back and forth.  Gwen always holds bunny and blankie.  (Side note:  for some reason a few months ago Gwen started saying "she" in place of "her").  Reid recently learned to climb over the couch into the window ledge behind it.  So...when he gets bored of watching "Oso" (yeah, he requests "Oso"), he usually dives behind the couch and starts jumping on the window ledge or throwing his body over the couch onto the big kids.

 Cole and Reid enjoy playing "Kitty" together.  They always surround themselves with a bunch of toys and sit in the corner pretending that they are kitties in their cage.  Sometimes Gwen joins in and pretends that she is their Mommy.  Other times they ask me to feed them and pet them.  I can honestly tell you that this is one of the only activities these days where Cole and Reid play well together.  Cole often takes Reid's toys and is rough with him which results in Reid running to me yelling "Dole, Dole" while fussing.  Apparently the tattling has begun.

 Even though we have a nice sized home, somehow we can often all be found within a few square feet of each other.
 Playing dress up and make believe is a favorite activity.  Reid refuses to be left out of any activity these days.  Here he is wearing his "fish" costume while the big kids put on a show.  While he has fun in his costume he struggles every time with figuring out how to climb the climber and go down the slide.

Princess Gwen puts on a show while Sharkman Cole prepares dinner in the background.

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