Thursday, February 14, 2013

Girls Day 2013

On January 26, 2013, Gwen and I enjoyed an entire day of girl fun with our friends Emmalyn and Lena.  After Cheering we went to Emmalyn's grandparents home where the girls proudly made building structures out of dominos without the worry that they would be destroyed by their brothers.  Next we headed to Cosi for lunch where the little girls had cookies and pizza (in that order) for lunch.  Then we told them that we wanted to see what was going on at Sweet and Sassy and surprised them with getting their hair, makeup and nails done.  Now everyone knows that I am not a girly girl but my little Gwen was over the moon when she realized what was happening :)  Afterwards we went to Parkland high School to see The Little Mermaid.  It was our perfect first Mommy Daughter Day.  I often tell Gwen that she is my little princess.  She really is such a kind and thoughtful little girl.  She helps her brothers daily and even holds Reid down while i change his poopy diapers with no complaints.  

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