Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mommy is a Sleep Stalker

Every night before I go to sleep I check on my three little ones.  It is  my way to say good night and also to admire how big they are getting.  Sometimes after a particularly frustrating or stressful day, I find it nice to reconnect with them while they are peacefully sleeping.  

 I often find Gwen wearing something different from what she was wearing when I tucked her in a few hours earlier.Gwen got this Hello Kitty bathrobe from her friend, Brookie.  As soon as she saw it she HAD to wear it.  The girl didn't even know what a bathrobe was but she insisted on wearing it to bed  hood and all!  When I go to tuck her in before I go to bed she often wakes up and says: "No, Mommy!".
 Little dude sleeps with two of his three dogs these days.  She holds the tag of one dog (starts doing so while i give him is evening breathing treament.  Cole used to hold and rub the tag on his comforter when he was this age)and i usually position the other dog above his head

I'm on a mission this week to take a pic of my sleeping big boy...

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