Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reid is 17 Months Old (2/3/13)

Reid is 17 months old and quite the little dude these days.  He talks up a storm but he still signs while he talks.  He now calls us Mommy and Daddy and says some words (apple, snow, night night)so clearly that I keep thinking that one of the big kids is saying them.  His newest trick is climbing over the sofa onto the window seat.  It isn't enough for him to get to the window seat-- he loves to jump with excitement when he makes it back there (and gives Mommy a heart attack too!).  When Reid jumps his feet leave the ground.  He also specializes in tip toeing and somersaulting which he taught himself.  One day REid bent down and did the perfect somersault.  I figured it was just a fluke but he decided to practice sevearl times that day and by the time Daddy walked through the door after work, Reid was running and then tucking his head to somersault.  Reid loves expressing his opinion and does not hesitate to throw a fit when he does not get what he wants.  He wants a certain ball in the car and will shake his head "no" until mommy finds just the right one to which he will shake his head "yes".  The same scenario can be seen daily in regards to food, toys, activities etc.  Recently he started enjoying the song We Are The Dinosaurs and screamed with frustration each time the song ended and a new one came on.  Doesn't this kid know there are only so many times Mommy can listen to this one song?  Reid loves singing along when Mommy sings.  He lets me know which song he wants me to sing by letting me sing a few lines and then shaking his head "yes' or "no" to which i respond by continuing the song or trying a new one.

Last week I got to spend some special one on one time with Reid.  I let him choose what he wanted to play with Mommy and he wanted to hide behind the kitchen curtain.  He waited for me to say:  "Where's Reid?  Oh no!  i lost by little boy" and then he would squeal with excitement and peak his head out from behind the fabric.  

Happy kid!!!

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