Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's new with us?

Reid has added "uh oh" to his list of words.  He says it often but mostly as he throws small pieces of food off of his highchair tray.

Cole and Gwen started preschool on 9/10/12.  I was a little nervous about what would happen the first morning but they kissed me and then walked into their classroom hand in hand.  Their teachers thought it was cute that they chose coat hooks right next to each other.  When I asked how they had done, Mrs. Lynch told me that Gwen hasn't been mothering Cole too much and that she prefers playing with the other little girls.  She also said that Cole is extremely enthusiastic  and is right there with bells on every time they switch activities.

The night before they started school, Gwen asked if she could put some lotion on after her bath.  I told her that the tub of Cereve was on REid's dresser.  A few minutes later Andy found her covered in butt paste and trying to scrub it off at the bathroom sink.  The poor girl had grabbed the butt paste instead of the moisturizer cream.  Thankfully i was able to get the majority of it off but i'm sure she made a wonderful first impression!

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