Monday, September 10, 2012

UD Get Together

While we were in Delaware, we visited with some of our college friends.  Eileen and Rishi were brave enough to host a BBQ for the entire crew!  The crew consisted of Eileen, Rishi, James (11 months), Owen (11 months), Ian (3), Andy, Meg, Gwen (3), Cole (3), Reid (11 months), Dave, Deb, Tyler (3), Ray (11 months), Missy, Fred, Lizzie (2), Dave, Monica as well as Eileen's friend Sarah and her family.  That is A LOT of kids and chaos but we had a blast!  We especially enjoyed talking with Dave and Monica about parenting as they are pregnant with their first child.  I keep thinking that i would have enjoyed being a fly in the car with them on the way home from the get together.  I can't even begin to imagine how overwhelmed and scared they were after spending the day with all of us!  Below is our attempt at a group picture.  We failed to do this early on so this about sums up how things go down at the end of a get together with little kids.  

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