Monday, September 10, 2012

A Day at Dorney Park (8/29/12)

We've lived in Allentown for 4 years now and this was our first trip to Dorney Park.  In our defense, I was pregnant the better part of two years and the other summers nursing kept me a little tied down.  Gwen and Cole have enjoyed looking out their car windows at the roller coasters for several years now and the excitement definitely grew this summer after they got a taste of the thrill ride bug at Sesame Place.  Sometimes we even have verbal fights about whose side of the car the roller coasters will be on when we pass (we also have fights about whose side of the car the horse will be on when we go to/from the library).  We chose the perfect end of the season day to check things out at Dorney.  The weather was in the upper 70's and there were only a few lines.  Cole and Gwen went from one ride to the next at Camp Snoopy and even Reid was able to ride since the rule was that you had to be a walker to ride (i still can't believe that my 11 month old was a walker!!!).   We were there from about 10:00 am-4:00 pm and ended the day with a roller coaster ride for mommy and daddy and make your own ice cream sundae treat.  Reid was more interested in playing with the leaves and mulch than eating.  It must be tough deciding between eating ice cream and eating mulch!  He had fun picking up each leaf and throwing it behind a little fence.  

 Seems like this is my only pic of Cole.  See him driving Daddy and Reid in the car?  He's wearing an orange hat.
 Gwen took a break to count how many rides she had been on that day.

 Reid took an extremely short snooze in his stroller.  Eating graham crackers makes one very tired.

Snoopy hugging Gwen after we watched a Snoopy show.  Cole was uninterested in meeting Snoopy.

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