Friday, September 7, 2012

Duck, Duck, Duck

Once we returned from the wedding, I knew I needed to start working on some party planning for Reid's 1st Birthday.  As usual, I always want to plan well in advance but somehow the days and weeks get away from me and I usually have some scrambling to do close to the event.   I had decided to do a duck theme as he was obsessed with ducks (the theme had changed from owls to lions and finally to ducks).  I knew i would stick with ducks because he had learned the sign for "duck" and was stuttering with signing it day after day :). afternoon I decided to take some pics of Reid for his birthday invitation.  At the time the big kids were playing nearby at their water table and I started snapping pictures of Reid playing with his ducks.  HAve i mentioned how difficult it is to take a picture of this kid?  He is on the move and so interested in everything that is going on around him that he doesn't have time to sit and look at the camera.  Things were going ok until Gwen decided it would be funny to turn the hose on and squirt water at Reid.  We powered through and went with it.  In the end i didn't get a pic that i was thrilled with but it did make for an interesting afternoon!

 The hose incident must have occurred prior to this shot :)

Notice there is no water left in the bucket.  Reid enjoyed splashing in it and pouring it!

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