Monday, September 10, 2012

Growing Up

All three of my babies are growing up!  They do new and amazing things each day and I am so thankful that I am able to stay home with them to share in these special moments.  

 Gwen enjoys drawing pictures of her family complete with the sun and clouds!
 I've been teaching Cole and Gwen how to use the mouse.  Gwen picked it up fairly quickly and has been assisting Cole by putting her little hand on top of his and helping him hold the mouse button down.

 Here is another pic of Gwen enjoying writing and drawing on her dry erase board.  She has mastered writing "Gwen" and those other objects are "doughnuts".  Guess she has her mommy's sweet tooth!
 Reid discovered the joy of riding in his own personal vehicle.  Aunt Sarah and Uncle John had bought this car for the big kids and they had oodles of fun climbing in and out of it and taking rides inside but since we are out of room for big toys inside we decided to let Reid take it for a spin outside.  He smiled and ooohed with excitement as we pushed him around the block. You can just tell that he loves doing things that make him a "big kid".

Here's my full time walker.  A few weeks shy of her first birthday Reid officially became a toddler.  He uses his toes to grip on and he toddles everywhere!

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