Friday, September 7, 2012

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

On Friday, August 3, 2012, we packed everyone up and drive to Williamsport, PA for cousin Elizabeth's wedding.  She had asked if Gwen and Cole would participate in the wedding awhile ago and they seemed pretty excited for the big day.  Gwen was over the moon that she would get to wear a princess dress and throw flower petals and Cole was fairly happy to go along for the ride.  The drive went smoothly and the kids did fairly well at the rehearsal.  Afterwards we went to the grooms' family farm and enjoyed some yummy food.  On a whim we took the kids outside to get some pics and ended up with my new favorite pic of all three kids.  Man, who knew how hard it would be to get all three kids to look at a camera and smile a real smile (not Gwen's fake smile!).  After the rehearsal dinner all five of us went back to our hotel room.  Yup, you heard me correctly-- all FIVE of us stayed in a small suite.  Gwen and Cole shared a pull out couch which did not go well because Gwen was used to sleeping in a full size bed by herself and she kept pushing Cole off to the side.  Reid was back to sleeping better in his carseat so he slept in that on the floor.  Definitely an adventure!  The next morning I took Reid on a walk while Daddy and the big kids went exploring an indoor play area.

 Gwen and Cole wanted to sit with cousin Elizabeth at the rehearsal dinner.  Elizabeth was super sweet and took great care of them.  When it was time for dessert, Gwen shoved several slices of cake into her mouth.  She and Cole were sharing and every time Cole turned away to chat, Gwen stole large pieces of the cake.  Elizabeth joked that they had the same sweet tooth!

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