Wednesday, October 3, 2012

He's a Toddler!

I held off for a long time but am now calling little Reid a "toddler".  In fact around his birthday he began to walk well and soon after started all out running.  It must have something to do with wanting to keep up with his big brother and big sister...or wanting to run away from them so they leave him alone, i suppose.  I can just see the pride on Reid's face when he can participate in activities that Gwen and Cole do.  Towards the end of the summer he started toddling around the backyard and loved being able to go where he wanted and play with all of the big kid toys.  I often wonder how many hours he sat in his swing, on a blanket or in his stroller outside just wishing he could run and play with Gwen and Cole.  

 Reid discovered how to hold the button down on the drill to make it rotate and light up.  One would think that a toy this size would be difficult for a toddler to hang onto but REid seems to enjoy the challenge.
 I have developed a theory that toddlers only like to carry the largest or most awkward toys/objects they can get their hands on.  Reid can often be found dragging this big thing of blocks around the house....
 ...and when he falls he just throws them back into the bucket and starts all over again!
 Another case in point-- he found this pool noodle in the laundry room that i was planning to use to craft with the big kids.  I can't tell you how many hours he spent lugging the thing around.  Yes, i was afraid that he was going to knock a glass off of the table.  Yes, i was a little worried that he was going to fall and get hurt.  BUT seeing the joy on his face while doing something so simple was so much fun.

 Here's the little guy showing off his driving skills.  He worked hard to get himself into the car and i remember   looking over to see his little bottom up in the air several times before he succeeded.
Proud little man!

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